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How to Install Your New Kinro Vinyl Double Pane Mobile Home Window

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Before you install your new window is important to purchase the correct window size. The order size on the Kinro Vinyl Double Pane Windows will be your Rough Opening Size. The size of the hole that the window itself will fit into.  Many times it is easier to measure from the inside of the home so that you don't measure the flange around the window on the outside.  

You can see a list of common window sizes and pricing on those windows on our window page @ http://lakewaysupply.com/window/

The attached a video is the manufacturer's recommended handling and install of the Kinro Vinyl Windows. 

 Some of the recommended items for installing your new mobile home combo door:

  1. Putty Tape - http://lakewaysupply.com/putty-tape-1-8-x3-4-x-30/
  2. Screws - http://lakewaysupply.com/painted-hex-head-screws-w...
  3. Caulk/Sealant - http://lakewaysupply.com/boss-378-silicone-caulk/