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How to Measure and Order Your New Mobile Home Combo Door

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Measuring for your New Mobile Home Combo Door

Purchasing the correct size and style of Mobile Home Door will ensure that the door will install correctly and will work properly.  The Mobile Home Combination Doors have a order size of the rough opening, which is the hole that the door jamb will fit into. 

The easiest way to measure for your new combo door is to go outside and measure the storm door itself, do not include the frame in this measurement.  You will then add 2" to the width of the door and 1" to the height of the door.  Then round to the nearest even number.  This will be your order size.  Next you will want to determine the hinge placement.  From the outside of your home face the storm door and determine if your hinges are on the right or left hand side. 

For example, if your storm door is 32" wide and 75" tall. And when facing the storm door from the outside your hinges are on the left hand side.  Then you would order a size 34"X76" Combo Door, with a left hand hinge. 

You will also need to determine the the jamb width.  The most common jamb size is the 4" jamb, especially in the area that our store is located.  Other possible sizes are 4 1/2" and even 6 1/2".  Please see video for an illustration on how to correctly measure for the jamb. 

We stock several different options on the most popular size doors, so many times you can come by and pick up your door the same day. If we don't have the size and style that you are looking for in the store, we are happy to special order the door that you would like. 

Come by our store to see several different door options, or you can visit our Door Page on this site and see pricing and photos on many of the door options. http://lakewaysupply.com/doors

Please contact us with any questions that you may have, to order a door, or to check what doors we have in stock.